Supporting audiology education

Isabel Low

Sivantos started up the first ever Master of Science in Audiology program at the world-established National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2012. In addition, one of the most successful hearing aids manufacturer in the world sponsors one scholar per cohort. Both scholars from the 2013 and 2015 batches are now successfully serving as full-time employees with Sivantos.

Most of the SGD$19.5m donated by Sivantos is spent on running the Audiology program over an eight-year period. The program, which lasts two years, had its first cohort in August 2013. Sponsoring one scholar per cohort equals tuition and administrative fees amounting to about SGD $79,000. Additionally, for the cohort of 2017, Sivantos will sponsor a monthly stipend of SGD $1000 for two years.

The postgraduate Audiology program, administered by the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine’s Division of Graduate Medical Studies, aims to increase the talent pool of locally educated audiologists to meet the increasing need for their services. The National Health Survey of 2010 had clearly shown the necessity to continually build up capabilities for the Audiology profession.

The full-time Audiology course is adapted from the Master of Audiology program offered at the University of Melbourne, one of the top Audiology programs in the world. It integrates academics, clinical practice, and research, with hands-on experience to give students a holistic and dynamic experience. With a unique Asian focus, the course also incorporates local specifics, such as pathologies, genetics, regional infections, cultures, and translational research. It is well supported by experienced faculty and renowned teaching academics from Australia, the USA, and the UK.

Part of the funding was also used for the development and outfitting of an Audiology SMART classroom at NUS – the first, dedicated SMART classroom for an Audiology program in Southeast Asia, comprised of cutting-edge audiology equipment and facilities.

A dedicated clinical training space for the Audiology program has also been developed at the Centre for Hearing, Speech and Balance (CHSB) at the National University Hospital, to ensure that students are comfortable with patient care immediately upon graduation.


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