TeleCare 3.0: The first full live remote solution for HCPs

Man with hearing aids during a video call with his hearing care professinal

TeleCare™ 3.0 enables hearing care professionals to conduct virtual home visits
• Video option launched in five key markets, with more countries to follow

Audiology technology leader Sivantos today announced its new Signia TeleCare 3.0 which empowers hearing care professionals (HCPs) to proactively address the needs of their patients during the trial period. This enhanced service package brings together guided assistance and direct communication after the patient’s initial fitting through video calls and full live remote tuning using Signia’s ConnexxTM software. The myHearing app further boosts an HCP’s ability to guide patients via their smartphone during the trial period. In this way, TeleCare 3.0 enables HCPs to offer added value from their PC or laptop by giving patients instant feedback and support, eliminating the need for patients to leave the comfort of their homes for follow-up appointments.

TeleCare 3.0 enables HCPs to conduct virtual home visits

Following the initial in-person fitting, TeleCare 3.0 allows HCPs to do full live remote tuning via video call. Such virtual home visits via CareChat greatly increase the likelihood of a successful fitting as patients can experience these adjustments in their home environment. Both HCPs and patients enjoy greater flexibility in scheduling appointments at the time and place that suits them best.

The ability to monitor wearing time, program use, volume, noise level and situation classification helps the HCP to better predict successful outcomes, to efficiently troubleshoot problems and to precisely fine tune the hearing aids in any situation.

myHearing app boosts HCP’s ability to guide patients during trial period

The virtual home visit is available for all patients with an iOS®1 or Android™ device via the myHearing app2. In addition to guiding them through the trial process, the app essentially puts the HCP in the patient’s pocket, offering both parties convenience and value.

Remote control options plus easy access to frequently asked questions and a user guide help wearers to get familiar with their new hearing aids faster than ever before. Furthermore, engaging step-by-step listening exercises and feedback options add to a higher individualization. This unique service package contributes to considerably shorten the acclimatization period and reduce drop-outs during the trial phase.

Connexx fitting software goes fully remote

With the introduction of Signia TeleCare 3.0, HCPs can offer remote tuning of all features from a PC or laptop using the powerful fitting software Connexx. As it is fully synchronized with the TeleCare portal, the HCP maintains a complete overview of the patient’s service history.

The new TeleCare 3.0 offering will be available as of November. The complete service package of the myHearing app works with all hearing aids with the new Signia Nx platform technology. For more information about Signia Nx, see separate press release and

1 iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

2 Honored with the CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree



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