More promising than ever

Signia at the EUHA 2017

The EUHA, the yearly international congress of hearing aids, sees visitors from all over the world. It is the industry’s largest trade show and the perfect stage to show-off our latest innovations to customers and the e-audience. What did Sivantos Group reveal at this year’s EUHA?

The own voice issue is solved at the Signia booth, once and for all. More than 700 people experienced this groundbreaking new feature themselves through the new Signia Nx hearing aids and experienced the most naturally sounding own voice that is available in the industry. Plus, more than 1,300 people participated in the OVP presentations at the Signia booth. To top it off, feedback from 470 people was collected after their personal OVP experience and 99% of them rated the OVP feature as good or very good. Signia also experienced an all-time high in orders made at this three-day event. To make a long story short: Watch out for the new Signia Nx products: Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, and Motion 13 Nx!

Audio Service
Germany’s leading company in the hearing aid market for customer service—this year the highlight on the booth has been the introduction of the new Sun 16 G5. With the slogan “Your best companion” the multidimensional connection of the RIC hearing system, with Direct Audio Streaming, was illustrated. As the ITE specialist, Audio Service also showed off a new design concept for the custom-made hearing systems: olivewood and water-marked finishes for the ITEs. The outstanding designs make the hearing aids look almost like precious stones, certainly unique in the industry.

A&M and Rexton
The booth offered products with hearing aids for everyone. Rexton’s hero Stellar Li 6c and inoX 6C Click-fit brought many customers, and A&M’s flexibility offer was a strong catch for the booth.


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