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audibene GmbH expands its customer appeal with a commercial on German television: As of February, the world’s largest online hearing aid provider will run a TV spot on channels N 24, n-tv, SPORT1, Eurosport and Sky.

The issue of hearing loss still encounters prejudice and is one of the most hidden conditions. In Germany alone, about 15 million people have significant hearing loss, but only about 3 million wear a modern hearing system. Even though the number of hearing aid wearers continues to rise, far too many people with hearing loss are still missing out on the quality of life gained through digital hearing aids. With almost invisible technology, users can experience pure joie de vivre! – audibene puts an end to the prejudices about hearing aids. The commercial shows happy people living life to the fullest. And what else? Nothing more! The millimeter-size, everyday assistive device is only revealed to the viewer when one of the protagonists removes his hearing aid from his ear.

audibene founder Dr. Marco Vietor explains: “The development of hearing aids has progressed rapidly in recent years. The latest hearing technology no longer has anything to do with the chunky flesh-colored “hook” behind the ear. A modern hearing system is a tiny high-performance computer in an infinitesimal design. It works digitally and is full of helpful features: automatic adjustment to the listening environment, control via smartphone, wireless connection to TV, computer, telephone and more. With the best speech intelligibility even in noisy conditions, the new high-performance hearing aids reliably support everything their wearers are looking for.”

With an online image campaign that started almost at the same time, audibene is also involved in educating the public about good hearing: Together with international star David Hasselhoff and an 8-figure budget in nine countries, audibene is promoting improved quality of life through hearing aids.

audibene’s TV spot, which already ran successfully in Switzerland in 2017, can also be seen on German television as of February 2018.


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The international hearing aid company audibene is Europe’s largest consulting portal on hearing loss and hearing aids. A team of qualified hearing aid experts at audibene provides consultation and education for customers. The company partners with more than 4,000 hearing care professionals worldwide to provide hearing aid fittings. Founded in 2012, the successful hearing aid company now has 800 employees around the world.