Your best business partner

Sivantos is in the business of bringing best-in-class products and services to your, our hearing care professionals and dispensers. We aim to support your business every day and help you serve your patients as best as possible.

Our tailor-designed trainings cater to our partners’ different interests. Three recent examples can be seen here:

In Brazil, we held an Own Voice Processing (OVP) Training for Signia, our premium brand, to demonstrate live how the hearing aid training works. Hearing Care Professionals who attended learned hands-on the do’s and don’ts for the fitting, and experienced themselves the positive effects of OVP. Our favorite part: 100% positive feedback to the question, “Do you believe that OVP has the potential to increase conversion in your sales?”

In Turkey, over 200 participants have attended trainings for Signia Nx, the latest, and we believe greatest, products. That included hearing care professionals and doctors –  all curious to experience the advantages of the latest products and their core feature OVP. All of them ready now to explain the benefits of these hearing aids in detail to their customers.

In China, it’s sometimes a challenge to travel to our main training center in Suzhou although the knowledge gained is incredibly valuable. But Sivantos provides a solution: Sivantos’ WeChat classroom is a hot benefit in very high demand. Classes are offered in 3 different proficiency levels and topics include Audiology and fitting in general, plus product trainings. Within the first month, over 1,000 HCPs registered.


Do you have questions or comments? If you are an analyst, you will find the corresponding contact information on our Investor Reports page. If you are a journalist, please submit your request through our Message Center as Press. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers page learn more about opportunities with us. Suppliers can find relevant contact on the Suppliers page. Both hearing care professionals as well as the hearing impaired  can find more information about the premium brand Signia on the websites.