G5 hearing system generation from Audio Service

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We communicate from person to person. We are increasingly using technical tools, so that modern communication is more often occurring via smartphones, tablets and PCs. Advanced hearing aids adapt to this by connecting to smartphones and becoming digital assistive devices or Hearables such as the G5 technology generation from AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH. In April 2018, Audio Service is launching additional RIC and BTE models with the G5 chip.  

Developers have engineered the G5 technology generation with smart features and connections that effectively combine audiological utility, connectivity and convenient smartphone and app links. Further development of the tried-and-tested AudioLink technology is the basis for the processing of all acoustic data – modeled on nature. G5 has an extended dynamic range of 113 dB. Modern chip architecture in 40-nanometer design allows unprecedented precision.

  • Natural perception of one’s own voice  

The Occlumatic feature can help hearing aid users get used to hearing aids more easily. To do this, G5 hearing systems learn to recognize the voice of their wearer by storing their sound pattern. When the hearing aid user speaks, the amplification and compression are adjusted instantaneously. This way, the user’s own voice sounds more pleasant with Occlumatic and is perceived as more natural. This also has a positive impact on spontaneous acceptance and overall satisfaction.

  • Significantly more hearing comfort and sound quality  

With the Smart Direct app, hearing systems use G5‐ technology to connect directly to the user’s smartphone without an additional device, thereby enabling direct audio streaming via iPhone. The transmission quality of streaming has been significantly improved compared to G4 (High Quality Stereo Streaming).

With direct audio streaming, the hearing systems become stereo‐headphones. Telephone calls are transmitted directly into both hearing aids in excellent sound quality, as are instructions from navigation apps, for example, and music lovers can enjoy wireless sound experiences. An equalizer in the Connexx fitting software supports personal preference settings.

The transmission takes place in both directions, i.e. the hearing system status can also be displayed on the smartphone.

  • Comfortable hearing, even while in motion  

With MotionSense, the G5 hearing systems evaluate the motion sensor in smartphones from an audiological aspect. The goal is even more precise assessment of the actual situation. For classification under audiological aspects, MotionSense provides additional input for the automatic situation control feature, enabling multi-dimensional adjustment of the adaptive hearing system parameters. For example, the omnidirectional mode provides 360degrees of perception when jogging or biking. When the movement is interrupted, the G5’s automatic situation control feature automatically switches to a directional mode.

  • Improves spatial awareness  

SpatialSpot increases the sensitivity to ambient noise and enhances spatial perception without compromising directionality. Dynamic extension of the characteristics of the AudioTronic multi-microphone system solves complex listening situations with multiple conversation partners or different soundscapes. This expands the auditory radius. G5 works dynamically with frontal focus while mixing in spatial portions. This way, hearing aid wearers can focus on the conversation, but also respond to other ambient noise.

As with all directional operations in the G5‐technology, SpatialSpot is enhanced by modern, highly sensitive digital MEMS microphones.

  • Simply flexible – always

With the Smart Direct app, the hearing systems can be comfortably and unobtrusively operated via the smartphone. In addition to the basic functions, there are many options for customizing the hearing systems and increasing the ease of use.

For the hearing care professional, the Smart Direct app creates an environmental profile of the hearing aid wearer for aftermarket support. This hearing environment profile provides information about the daily noise level, for example.

The new Smart Mic is the addition for practically all Bluetooth®‐capable Android smartphones for audio streaming and thereby listening to music in stereo quality. In challenging hearing environments, the Smart Mic can be used as an additional microphone (conference microphone). It also allows hands-free telephone calls.

For connecting to non‐Bluetooth®‐capable entertainment devices such as TV or stereo systems, the Smart Transmitter 2.4 -, which transforms the audio signal into a Bluetooth® signal, is interposed. This allows direct audio streaming with various household media for watching movies, listening to audio books or music in stereo.

  • More models with G5technology

Wearers of the Sun 16 G5 already appreciate these benefits and amenities. As of April 2018, AS AUDIO‐SERVICE GmbH will market a further RIC with the Mood hearing aid, as well as the DUO, a BTE hearing aid with the G5chip.

The three upper tech levels 8, 12 and 16 can be selected. In these tech levels, direct audio streaming, Occlumatic and enhanced input dynamics are available through improved analog‐/digital‐conversion. MotionSense can be used in tech level 12 or higher and SpatialSpot can be used in tech level 16.

“Following the market launch of the Sun 16 G5 at EUHA 2017, we will be offering other models of the new G5 technology generation starting in April 2018. Our customers are excited about the increased acceptance through Occlumatic and especially appreciate the stereotransmission via Bluetooth® with direct audio streaming,” said Thomas Mettang, Managing Director of AS AUDIO‐ SERVICE GmbH.


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