Audio Service launches new test hearing systems in the Tune concept

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In the Tune concept, Audio Service’s modern fitting and sales concept, the hearing care professional determines the tech level, i.e. the performance class, of the hearing aid. This year two more tech levels were integrated. Today there are new test hearing systems that promise even more independence.

The Tune concept features test hearing systems with which the end customer gets to know the differences and advantages of different tech levels, and thus the benefit of additional features, with only one hearing system. Once he has found the tech level that suits his needs, the individual settings are conveniently transferred to a hearing aid sales support system.

The tech level is adjusted by the hearing care professional in the Connexx fitting software. Until now, an online connection was required for a change in the tech level. With the introduction of the new Tune T2.0 test hearing systems, this will no longer be required as of mid-May 2018. This way, hearing care professionals using Tune hearing systems can also change the tech level offline during a home visit. This removes another barrier and makes fitting hearing aids even easier and the process more independent.

  • The new G5 technology generation with intelligent functions and connections is now also available in the Tune concept

The new G5 chip combines audiological benefits with convenient smartphone connections. For connectivity and listening enjoyment, Audio Service’s G5 hearing aids connect directly to the smartphone, turning them into digital assistive devices or hearables. The RIC models Sun G5 and Mood G5 as well as the BTE DUO G5 are now available in the Tune concept.

Tech levels 8 to 16 can be set within the G5 technology platform. All three include direct audio streaming, Occlumatic, detection of the wearer’s voice with instant amplitude and compression adjustment, and enhanced input dynamics with improved analog-to-digital conversion. MotionSense, the integration of the smartphone’s motion sensor into the situation analysis, can be used at tech level 12 or higher. SpatialSpot enhances the auditory radius in tech level 16 and improves spatial perception without compromising directionality.

The Smart Direct app in G5 hearing systems connects directly to the user’s smartphone without an additional device. The hearing aids become stereo headphones. Telephone calls are transmitted directly into both hearing aids with excellent sound quality, as are instructions from navigation apps, for example, and music lovers can enjoy wireless sound experiences.

To increase the ease of use, the hearing aids can be comfortably and unobtrusively operated via the smartphone with the Smart Direct app, but can also be individually adapted. Hearing care professionals can use the Smart Direct app to create an environment profile for the hearing aid wearer, which facilitates fine tuning and aftermarket support significantly.

  • Test-hearing at five tech levels with a wider range of models

In February of this year, Audio Service extended its Tune concept to tech levels 4 and 6, so that prospective customers can now try out and appreciate five tech levels with just one hearing system.

As a result, the Tune concept could be extended to other models, so that now the XS, the behind-the-ear hearing aid for those who place the highest value on inconspicuousness, is available in the Tune concept. It is ideally suited for open-fit hearing aids and perfect for the treatment of mild to moderate hearing loss. The Tune XS G4 is programmable in tech levels 4 through 8.

Likewise, the Sun Li-Ion G4 was included with its integrated lithium-ion battery. It is inductively charged in the Smart Li-ion Power charging station and provides full connectivity power for at least 24 hours. Full charging of the device takes four hours. The 30-minute fast charge provides seven hours of operation. Tune Sun Li-Ion G4 is programmable in tech levels 6 to 16.

The versatile Ida G4 – standard with the AudioTronic multi-microphone system and a programmable rocker switch – is already available as HYPE 65 dB in the Tune portfolio. From now on it can also be ordered as a Tune hearing system with 55 dB and can be programmed in tech levels 4 to 16.

“Our new offline test hearing systems give hearing care professionals even more freedom throughout the fitting process. In addition, based on the results of a customer survey conducted last year, we included tech levels 4 and 6 in the Tune concept. As a result, Tune partners have almost the entire range of the portfolio at their disposal,” says Thomas Mettang, Managing Director of AS AUDIO-SERVICE GmbH.

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