Analyst meeting at AAA

Sivantos employee holding a hearing aid

(April 2018) The Sivantos analyst meeting at AAA, one of the world’s largest gatherings  of audiologists, was the perfect occasion for the group to present themselves once more as a global leader in hearing aid device manufacturing and distribution. Over the past three years the Sivantos Group has successfully worked according to plan building an innovative and lean business with strong market and financial fundamentals. During their presentations, CEO Ignacio Martinez and CFO Wolfgang Ollig showed a continued improvement in profitability driven by operational excellence. Sivantos’ key growth drivers – innovative products, their Sales and Marketing Excellence as well as New Digital Business Models – were highlighted.

Analysts received some background information about Sivantos’ selection of technologically advanced products with the clear focus on the higher value segment. The Group’s CEO and CFO alike emphasized a strong presence in online channels following the audibene acquisition and further strengthening the important US market with the acquisition of TruHearing. They also explained the strong track record of innovations with Signia Nx and TeleCare 3.0. The latest innovation, the Charge& Go product further cemented the leadership in the rechargeable segment.

To sum it all up, the Board of Directors presented a robust and growing traditional business coupled with strategic capabilities. Sivantos is well positioned to capitalize on future market dynamics.

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