audibene opens innovation campus in Mainz

audibene participants at the innovation campus in Mainz
The team at the audibene innovation campus in Mainz, Source: obs/audibene GmbH

In just six years, the audibene Group has become the online market leader in hearing care. Now, for the first time ever, the company is merging online and offline hearing acoustics under one roof. With the founding of the “audibene Rhine Campus” in Mainz, audibene has created a second location – along with Berlin – in a strong German economic region. The “Kulturhafen” at Mainz harbor focuses on innovation and learning. In 2018 alone, Bonsel Hörgeräte and audibene will train around three hundred hearing consultants in Mainz on the Rhine. In the long term, audibene will create a hundred jobs in the region.

With its online business model, audibene has revolutionized the hearing aid industry and created a new way of approaching customers. In close cooperation with independent hearing care professionals on site, 800 experts in nine countries with offices from San Francisco to Seoul provide baby boomers with “Simply Good Hearing.”

“We are setting up an academy and a consulting center in the audibene Rhine Campus. New ways of communication, new hearing aids and new service processes are being developed here in close cooperation with customers and hearing care professionals and tested in practice. The path to good hearing includes 30 digital, verbal and physical points of contact. We see the greatest potential for learning and optimization in the physical contact points. There is no better way to learn and grow than through direct contact with customers and partners. This is exactly what we are doing at the Rhine Campus,” said Paul Crusius. In 2012 he founded audibene GmbH in Berlin together with Dr. Marco Vietor.

The Rhine Campus was developed and implemented in close cooperation with audibene partner Bonsel Hörgeräte. The long-standing Mainz company has been in business for 60 years and was one of audibene’s first partners. Andreas Veltman, Managing Director of Bonsel Hörgeräte, says: “Combining top-class craftsmanship and online hearing support under one roof allows us, as a chain store for hearing aids, to actively shape the future and to take new and more effective paths in the training of our store teams.”

Every week, audibene offers continuing education events for its hearing aid partners. “For audibene and its partners, the Mainz location will be the dynamic link between health care and technology with 21st century standards,” explains Paul Crusius. “Online meets offline. Digitization meets cutting-edge craftsmanship. Experience gained from 60 years as a hearing aid store and 6 years of hearing support online. For the future, we want to combine the best of both worlds. And yes, we are always looking for committed and friendly sales consultants. With locations in nine countries around the world, colleagues can work at several locations over the course of their audibene career, such as moving from Mainz to Berlin or Miami.”


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