Aspire Business Symposium: Rewarding Loyal Customers

Participants of the Aspire Business Symposium in Scotland wearing the traditional kilts

The Aspire Business Symposium is a semi-annual event for VIP customers to gather and benefit from educational content that immediately impacts everyday business life. In April, Sivantos Canada hosted 86 VIPs and staff in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The educational content was built on sales and customer service topics beneficial to growing business.  “Putting a price tag on your business” and “Conversations for success” are just a couple of the 11 unique learning topics presented throughout the program. The three-day-program was filled with educational chapters where attendees were free to mix and match their days in a “choose your adventure” format in the morning, followed by keynote speeches in the afternoons.

Evenings were dedicated to traditional Scottish events ranging from a “ceilidh” (party) at an old converted church to a royal dinner at the Edinburgh Castle, including a Military Bagpipe ensemble.

In attendance were veteran members, new aspire members, and partners watching remotely via livestream. The awe-inspiring natural backdrop of Edinburgh simply added to a phenomenal event.

The Aspire Rewards Program is Sivantos’ customer loyalty program. Members of the program enjoy special benefits such as extended warranties, complimentary accessories, invitations to annual workshops and lectures on business development and industry trends. With this loyalty program, Sivantos positions itself as not only a hearing aids manufacturer, but a business partner for best business growth.


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