Comprehensive Learning Experience in Lisbon

Group picture of participants at Sivantos' Export Sales Academy

More than 150 customers and Sivantos employees from 32 countries participated in Sivantos’ 15th International Sales Academy. This year’s venue was Lisbon, Portugal. A good place to learn all about Signia Nx audiological features, new products, and latest digital marketing activities.

“Business opportunities with hearing aid batteries”, “Digital training tools”, and “Future vision of hearing aids” are just a few examples of the wide variety of lectures offered over the three-day-program.

During the event, participants were also invited to join workshops and share experiences about people management, motivation and digital marketing, among others. During the dinner, Sivantos recognized outstanding customer performance with the Business Excellence Award 2018.

The impact of OVP – Own Voice Processing – on the communication behavior was a highlight of the event. Attendees participated in a short self-experiment to understand the importance of the sound of their own voices. While they read a short text aloud, their voices were artificially altered resulting in problems with concentration, halting speech, and misreading. So, by using this creative and cheerful test, it was very easy to understand that the sound of the own voice can significantly affect the communication-ability of hearing aid wearers.

This year´s Export Sales Academy ended with short presentations about digital topics. Participants learned new and practical, easy to use tools to improve their websites and win new customers.



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