A&M launches new RIC hearing aid

Brought to the market only 15 years ago, the Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) type hearing aids are already the most popular hearing aid types in many countries.  In the US, RICs continue to dominate sales, inching up toward almost three-quarters of the entire hearing aid market. For Sivantos Group, RICs are one of the most sold hearing aids worldwide.

Naturally, A&M, our brand for emerging markets, has extended their portfolio to now offer their first ever receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid model XTM RIC P8. It works with 312 batteries and is compatible with every A&M remote control, including the Smart Remote App for iOS and Android. This allows customers to change the volume, switch programs, enter the mute function, and chose the directionality of the hearing aid microphones without the need of an extra device. The new products have just started to be shipped out.

High adaptability and affordable pricing models make A&M the ideal choice for emerging markets – in more than 35 offices worldwide, including Africa, Asia, South and East Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

To learn more about XTM RIC P8 follow this link: https://www.am-hearing.com/hearing-aids/xtm-ric/



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