Kaizen at Sivantos Operations

An organized desk with hearing aid parts and tools

The Sivantos Asian Manufacturing Center (AMC) recently held another Kaizen week. Kaizen is an original Japanese management methodology used as a part of Sivantos Group’s “Smart Lean Program” implementation which involves employees of our company in an improvement process. Among other things, it seeks to improve the quality of the product by avoiding mistakes and eliminating any operation that does not add value to the final product.

The goal of the Kaizen weeks was to automate processes and design the first model line and workbenches for the new production process, the so-called One Piece Flow. Here, no intermediate stock is necessary, which results in a consistent line output. Different teams from Asia, Europe and Singapore, from Operations, Logistics and Quality worked together to implement the new pilot production line.

The Kaizen methodology is based on the assumption that any current state is worthy of improvement. Thus, the quality of products and service improve as do work safety and protection, costs are reduced and productivity is increased through standardization. And that’s what is about to happen at the AMC. The first prototype of the new workbench was tested by operators who gave their feedback to improve comfort and ergonomics. After some modification, the ideal workbenches and automated machines are now in place.


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