From Tiny to Mighty

Sivantos India employees forming the number 20

Started as a tiny organization in 1998 with only a handful of employees and customers, Sivantos India has grown into a strong organization, leaving its footprints all over the country. Today, Sivantos is the market leader in India. The company has increased from 20 employees to about 100.

One of the distinctive features of Sivantos India is the loyalty of their staff: Most of the employees have worked in the organization for more than a decade, some have even been on board since they opened their doors 20 years ago. One of them is Vijayan Warrior, General Manager of Sivantos India.

“The 20 years of my journey in this company are filled with exciting memories. We celebrate every time we created a new bench mark in sales, for the launch of new products, birthdays and anniversaries and we also create occasions to celebrate. We have bonded with our colleagues as one huge family who care for one another and are committed to each other. I also cherish the warm relationships that I have developed with our customers, most of whom I have come to know on a personal level”, Vijayan says.

When asked about the major changes in the Indian hearing aid industry in the last 20 years, Vijayan mentions technology first. Starting fully analog to being completely digital was a huge change to a more technology driven industry. Second is the number of players in the market which has grown tremendously.

Becoming and staying number one in India for such a long time has certainly been a bumpy road with many challenges, but also great opportunities. When meeting their first clients at the beginning, Sivantos India was told that affordability of hearing aids was THE big issue. Hearing aids costing more than $25-50 would not get a lot of customers. Experts were unable to imagine how they could change that. So, the team of Sivantos India started to build on youth. As part of their strategy, they supported and motivated ambitious, young customers, hardly 30 years old and not yet jaded by their experiences with end users, and after a year they had already started seeing results. Today, Sivantos India is market leader with not only more than 1000 loyal customers but also 134 exclusive BestSound Centers, all over the country.“

His first day at work will remain in Vijayans memory as long as he lives. When joining the head office in Bangalore on 1st June 1998, he was one of the 7 people who were all new. The office was completely bare as all furniture and equipment like computers, printers etc. were procured later. There was only one plastic chair in the office and not even a scrap of paper. “But I remember the welcome that I received by our CEO at that time being very warm and encouraging. Over the past years I have built a very strong bond and this is clearly one of the reasons why I still love to work for this company. We have really shaped our future together. I am extremely grateful to the organization for having given me this wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and enjoy, working in the most beautiful environment – I could not have asked for more.”


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