Study about music and hearing aids at the HEAL conference

Two Sivantos audiologists with their research results as poster in the background
Dr. Veronika Littmann (l.) and Dr. Maja Serman from Sivantos

During the international Heal (Hearing Across the Lifespan) conference at the Lake Como in Italy, two audiologists from Sivantos Germany presented their research results pertaining to music and hearing aids.

Their central research aim was to investigate the influence of subjects’ individual factors, like speech in noise problems, loudness sensitivity and tonal working memory, on sound quality ratings of hearing aid wearers when listening to universal and music programs. 26 experienced hearing aid users were asked to evaluate listening to different music genres (like jazz, folk, classical etc.) in the universal program and in the dedicated music program with five different hearing aids: two from the latest Signia platform, binax and primax, and three from competitors. Signia is the only hearing aid on the market that offers 3 music programs:

  • one for performing music,
  • one for listening to live music and
  • one for music listening at home, which was the one that was used in this study.

The best ratings for the universal and music program across all genres were given to both Sivantos hearing aids. Individual factors influenced sound quality ratings significantly and differently, for example subjects who have less speech in noise problems rated music program higher than people who have more such difficulties.


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