Sivantos Audiology Masters meet in London

participants in front of the Buckingham palace gate in London

What is the future of the hearing industry? How can remote fittings be further improved? These are some of the questions audiologists from all subsidiaries from Sivantos discuss once a year at the Sivantos Audiology Masters, or SAM meeting for short. In June, the 13th SAM took place in London.

As the name implies, the group of about 30 participants from Sivantos all over the world focuses on audiology. While there are various touch points throughout the year, the annual meeting is the big event where the group gets the chance to network in person, exchange ideas, reflect on the past year, and prepare for the next.

Emphasis is always placed on having participants work together and learn from each other in small groups. They shared best practice tips from the last product launch, learned more about the upcoming milestones, listened to subject matter from experts answering product and feature questions in depth, and learned about overarching industry trends.

“SAM is a closely-knit community within the larger Sivantos environment. And over the years, I’m gratified to see it has become an invaluable forum where we can collaborate and listen to each other as equal partners, and as a result, make the entire company even better”, said Matthias Froehlich, Head of Marketing Audiology Strategy and principal organizer of SAM.


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