Sivantos Brazil Introduces Trainee Program

brazilian trainees during a meeting

A clear and concise career development path that develops with you? A dedicated mentor to guide you through the program and help you come into your best professional self? Well, yes; with the introduction of Sivantos Brazil’s new Trainee program.

This year, our South American affiliate kicked off their trainee program and welcomed their first cohort to their office in São Paulo . Six new positions have been created for two different tracks: technical/quality control focus and management program. Within these, trainees will be placed in the following areas: Technical, Quality, Customer Care, Marketing, Sales, and Legal.

The programs have different development paths and KPIs to monitor the candidates’ learning and the mentor/mentee relationship development. The program length varies on the area placement, between 18 to 24 months.

“We are also very interested in developing our trainees into full time employees at the end of their program. We seek qualified trainee candidates whose profiles we feel we can elaborate further into employee candidates in the future,” says Tais Guimaraes, HR Manager.

Brazil’s trainee program is one possibility to increase young people’s professional knowledge, but there are also other ways for students to work for Sivantos. Read here about our working opportunities for young talents worldwide.

Would you like to improve lives every day and enjoy working in an international team? Then join us and send your application to:



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