Sivantos celebrates 140 years of hearing innovation

infographic about the history of Sivantos

As our roots date back to the year 1878, Sivantos can look back at a long history full of innovative spirit, life-changing technologies and many world’s firsts in the hearing aid industry.

Our journey began when German inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens had the idea to build a telephone with a horseshoe magnet and thus discovered its positive effect for the hard of hearing: understanding people’s voices became much easier through the electrical amplified voice signal.

This revolutionary discovery was the starting point for many other great inventions – always with the dedication to help improve the daily lives of people with hearing loss.

Curious to go back in time and learn about Sivantos’ past? In our graphic, you will find some interesting milestones – from over 140 years! You can also look into our history section of our website.

You can download the infograph here: