Our rechargeable world first's

Sivantos has always been a pioneer in hearing aid technology and the inventor of many world first’s – especially in the field of rechargeable hearing solutions.

While rechargeable batteries have been a constant part of our daily lives, this fact does not necessarily apply to the use of hearing aids. Starting over 50 years ago with our first rechargeable hearing aids, Sivantos recognized the potential of rechargeability from a very early stage and thanks to lithium-ion batteries their popularity keeps on growing. In the year 2016, lithium-ion batteries became available for certain Signia hearing aids like Cellion primax and Pure Charge&Go Nx.

But the history of Sivantos’ rechargeable hearing aids is much longer:

1966: Siretta 339

The Siretta 339 was the first hearing aid that was worn entirely in the ear – the clue: it was possible to use it with either common hearing aid batteries or rechargeable ones. They even lasted a full day and could be charged overnight.

 2007: Centra Active

Centra Active was the first hearing aid which promoted an active lifestyle. Not only equipped with a water-resistant shell, it also came with rechargeable hearing aid batteries, which could be charged in the so-called “eCharger”. An extra effect: while charging the hearing aids, they were automatically dried which helped to maintain their technical performance.

2016: Cellion primax

A decade later, Cellion primax was introduced and with it a whole new mindset. Cellion was the world’s first hearing aid which not only had a lithium-ion battery but could also be recharged inductively – a big help for every hearing aid wearer without fine motor skills.

 2018: Pure Charge & Go Nx

Pure Charge & Go Nx is, like its predecessor, an inductively rechargeable hearing aid. Its platform called “Signia Nx” focusses on replicating the natural sound of the hearing aid wearer’s own voice, called Own Voice Processing. Thus, combining the most natural own voice with convenient wireless rechargeability.




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