We reached 1 Million App Downloads

Downloading the Signia myHearing app

What do hearing aid wearers want when they consider downloading an app that turns their smartphone into a remote control for their hearing aids? To have an easy to use and discrete utility at hand that helps whenever needed. Changing the hearing aid program, adjusting volume and sound has never been easier! And it’s available for free. All this complements the reason why Sivantos’ Apps hit 1 m downloads.

With its different remote-control apps across brands, Sivantos offers hearing aid wearers the possibility to customize and control hearing programs, volume, and tone simply via their smartphone without any additional costs. Meeting the needs of the hard of hearing pays off well: In July Sivantos broke the download record for one million downloads across all brands and remote-control apps. Undisputed high-runners are the Signia touchControl App and the Smart Remote App from Rexton and Audio Service.

What is so special about these three apps? As they don’t function with direct streaming but rather with acoustic high-frequent signals, they always work – without any accessory and also with hearing aids without Bluetooth capabilities.

The apps are available at no charge in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore.



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