Styletto – First Round of Media Successes

Styletto has been on the market since Monday. The initial trade media coverage has been consistently positive, highlighting Styletto as an innovative new form factor that delivers both, style and high technology. Here are just five sample quotes from France, Germany, UK, US and The Netherlands.


EDP-audio France: “La nouvelle aide auditive signée Signia […], se veut résolument « disruptive ». Avec Styletto, Signia propose un appareil rechargeable au design différenciant « […] sans concession sur les performances audiologiques ». L’ambition affichée par le fabricant avec Styletto : « casser les codes » traditionnels de la correction auditive grâce à « un design haut de gamme, épuré et inédit ». Aussi, Signia propose avec Styletto, un écrin de charge portable permettant au total, quatre jours d’autonomie aux porteurs de ces appareils auditifs.”

“The new Signia hearing aid […] is really “eye-opening”. With Styletto, Signia offers a rechargeable device with a distinctive design “[…] with uncompromising audiological performance”. The ambition displayed by the manufacturer with Styletto is “breaking the traditional codes” of hearing aids thanks to “a high-end design, elegant and new”. Additionally, with Styletto Signia offers a portable charging case which enables four days of user autonomy.”


Germany„Das Signia Styletto 7 Nx ist ein Hörgerät der Premiumklasse und basiert auf der aktuellen Nx-Technologieplattform. Es kombiniert optimales Sprachverstehen mit natürlicher Wahrnehmung und ein vollkommen neues, stylisches Produktdesign.“

“The Signia Styletto 7 Nx is a premium class hearing aid based on the current Nx technology platform. It combines optimal speech understanding with natural perception and a completely new, stylish product design.”



Hearablesonline: „The Signia Styletto targets people who feel younger than they are….so pretty much everyone. The manufacturers have redesigned the idea of a hearing aid by making it ultra thin and slimline with a gorgeous brush metal finish in your choice of silver/grey, rose gold/blue or rose gold/white. But it isn’t just the outside that’s smart.“



Hearingaidknow: “Signia is today introducing a new Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid they are calling the Styletto (pronounced Style-Etto). The devices are a completely new form factor which follows new conceptual design parameters. In essence, Signia decided to design something that would break the mould for hearing aid design and appeal to a new generation of hearing aid users. They are very different from anything that has come before.”



The Netherlands

Hoorzaken: „Sivantos heeft op maandag 27 augustus zijn nieuwste hooroplossing gelanceerd: de Signia Styletto. Met de elegante styling richt Sivantos zich op cliënten die normaliter geen hoortoestellen zouden dragen omdat de vorm van traditionele hoortoestellen niet bij hun zelfbeeld past.“

“Sivantos launched its latest hearing solution on Monday, 27 August: Signia Styletto. With the elegant styling, Sivantos focuses on clients who would normally not wear hearing aids because the shape of traditional hearing aids does not match their self-image.”



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