Business Impact Workshop to leverage customer engagement

The emotional connection between a customer and a company or a brand is called customer engagement. Sivantos always seeks new opportunities to leverage our customer engagement, because happy customers are loyal customers.

A reason for Sivantos in Australia to invite a multidisciplinary team to a Business Impact workshop in August to enhance customer engagement. 16 employees from the sales teams, marketing, technical support, customer service and production took part. During the meeting they were divided into groups, to each come up with a few areas in the organisation in which they believe there is room for improvement to provide an excellent customer experience.  “Once we had established that there were some recurring themes, each group was allocated one area to work out a project idea”, says Marjolijn Kindt, Business Unit Manager Sivantos Australia and facilitator of the meeting.

Next to ideas like how to facilitate the use of Sivantos’ online shop eBusiness or how to further improve the experience during customer service calls, the Business Impact Workshop had another great outcome: it brought together individuals from different parts of the organisation to promote team work and encourage idea sharing. “With our ideas and projects which will be implemented, we will demonstrate to our customers our commitment to making their experience with us exceptional”, Marjolijn concludes.


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