Winning awards are proud moments for us: here we are being awarded the "Deutscher Zukunftspreis" for our collaboration with the University of Oldenburg.

Do you also like recognition for good work?

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Every company is proud to receive awards
…so are we.

Ignacio Martinez, CEO Sivantos Group

Awards reassure us of the success of our work, they encourage us. That said, we won’t rest on our laurels…

On the contrary, we continue our efforts every day to improve. Here are our most recent awards:


Golden Lobe Award 2018

In 2018, Sivantos UK won two key accolades at the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHPP) “Golden Lobes” awards, taking home the award “Best Innovative Product” for recently-launched Signia Styletto, and an award for “Best Marketing Support to the Association.”

AIHPP is the most prominent association of independents in the UK and their membership includes many of the most significant players in our industry. These awards mark the first time Sivantos has been recognized by AIHPP.

Canstar Blue

Sivantos Australia received the 2018 Canstar Blue Award for "Most Satisfied Customers" in recognition of their Signia products. Canstar Blue is a well-recognized award in Australia. It's associated with products achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Signia took the top spot in Canstar Blue’s 2018 customer review, scoring five stars across every research category, including value for money and overall satisfaction.

The Telly

Signia, Sivantos’ premium brand, won Silver in the 38th annual Telly Awards, the highest honor in these awards. The category: Non-broadcast productions for General Health & Wellness. Signia won the award for the US testimonial video featuring Rick Carrion, an avid yachtsman and Pure primax hearing aid wearer. Winners represent the best work of the most respected corporate video departments worldwide.

CES Innovation
Honoree Award

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the largest technology and electronics tradeshows in the world. Winning products are chosen each year based on their innovative features that enable use and accessibility for consumers. In 2017, we received two CES Innovation and Design Engineering Honoree awards making this our fourth appearance in six years.

Premium Brand

Sivantos received the 2016 Premium Brand Award in Korea. To receive this award, female consumers in their 20s and 30s select brands from a survey of 88 based on consumer satisfaction. The final 10 contestants are judged by a jury of experts in academia and in the industry.

The five criteria are: loyalty, trustworthiness, awareness, image, and satisfaction.

Industrial Excellence

audibene received the 2016 Industrial Excellence Award in the category „Start-Up“. The jury was particularly impressed with audibene’s business model and strategic implementation: to link hearing care professionals with an online platform. audibene also earned recognition with the jury because of their high level of growth and continuous innovation in the market – two highly valued criteria.

Bellin Champions Award
for Best Practice

The Sivantos treasury team received the 2016 Bellin Champions Award for Best Practice, for the smooth transition of finance transactions from Siemens to now Sivantos. The award recognizes businesses who've shown pioneering work on an outstanding project, and who use Bellin products. Bellin provides treasury management software, driving and acknowledging best practices in their annual Treasury Convention.

Treasury Team of the Year Award

The Sivantos Treasury team received the 2016 Treasury Team of the Year Award for creating an independent treasury function in just two months. As a newly independent company, the task to break away from being a fully integrated part of the Siemens treasury team required huge efforts. We were able to successfully do so, even without the benefit of comprehensive technology and platform testing.

Bankers Choice

We were awarded for the Best Cash Management Project in Asia Pacific in 2016. Merits were received for establishing a global treasury in Singapore, advanced technology to run on a bank-agnostic platform, and end-to-end relationship support that ensured business continuity with our bank partner.
The award recognizes strengths in the financial supply chain.

Edison Gold

Sivantos received the Edison Gold Award for binax smart hearing aids in the hearing category of the Science/Medical/Dental group in 2015. Nominees were judged by over 3,000 senior executives and academics who evaluated the products based on concept, value, delivery, and impact.

Following the legacy of Thomas Edison, “innovation” is the main criteria.


In 2014 the “Audio Moments” campaign for our Siemens products received a COMPRIX Gold Award in the Medical Products category. This award honors healthcare campaigns that have managed to integrate complex content into a creative design, and successfully communicate that concept to customers. More than 270 submissions for this accolade were received in 2014. The Gold Award recognizes ours as best in class.

Red Dot Design

In 2013, Audio Service received the Red Dot Design Award for their Rixx G2 series. This international prize is awarded annually by a prestigious jury to products with exceptional design quality. In 2013 the Red Dot Design Award received more than 16,000 applications from 70 countries. The design competition is comprised of three categories: Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design.

Dieline Package Design

Sivantos received this Award in the category “Technology” for their hearing aid premium packaging in 2013. The competition awards the world’s best consumer product packaging design. The presentation box we developed, which also serves as a storage unit for the instruments and all accessories, reflects the high value of the hearing aids and the ingenious thinking behind the packaging design.

German Future Prize
(Deutscher Zukunftspreis)

In 2012, we won the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis). This prize is Germany’s highest honor for technology and innovation. Together with the University of Oldenburg, a research team developed a binaural hearing system that enables hearing aids in both ears to communicate with one another. This represents an important evolutionary step toward spatial hearing.