About us

Sivantos Group: The forward thinking expert

Sivantos Group is one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids. Our corporation was spun off from “Siemens Audiology Solutions” after Siemens AG sold the company in 2015.

Sivantos’ goal is to invent the future of better hearing and understanding. We provide hearing care professionals with hearing aids branded Signia,Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton and A&M. Complementary accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps and diagnostics workflow solutions are also part of our portfolio. In many parts of the world we have built up market-leading positions.

Our roots go back to 1878, when Werner von Siemens developed a telephone receiver with substantially improved transmission quality. Today, Sivantos employs about 5,000 people in more than 25 countries. Our international sales departments serve customers in another 95 countries.

We sell more than three million hearing aids a year. In fiscal year 14/15 Sivantos Group generated revenue of € 835 million on pro-forma basis** and adjusted EBITDA of € 206 million***. We’ve grown at a higher rate than the market, thus increasing our market share.

Development has long been a top priority and this is why we can claim to have achieved many “world’s firsts” in hearing aid history, including the first hearing aid featuring a wireless system. In 2012 our researchers, in collaboration with the University of Oldenburg, won the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis) for having developed a binaural hearing system that enables hearing aids in both ears to communicate with each other.

Audio Service: The specialist for customized solutions

For more than 35 years, Audio Service has developed, manufactured and distributed hearing systems. They were the first company to offer small, cosmetically appealing In-the-Ear (ITE) products to the German market. In keeping with their motto “The customer is the brand” Audio Service offers innovative hearing solutions and tailor-made niche products, combined with first class service and customer orientation. Their customers work in more than 45 countries around the world, with a strong base in major European markets.

Rexton: Exceptional technology accessible to all

A global brand with distribution in over 70 countries, Rexton is a brand with great service and people offering exceptional technology accessible to all. The brand has been a continuous success and growth story since its relaunch in 2009. Rexton focuses on design and performance, with a competitive portfolio of BTE, ITEs, RICs and pocket hearing aids that deliver superior speech understanding, durability, personalization and wearing comfort.

A&M: The solution for emerging markets

A&M is our value brand with a traditional portfolio of hearing solutions, comprising BTEs, ITEs and pocket hearing aids. The key feature of A&M is to provide a wide fitting range in an efficient and proven portfolio.

HearUSA: The retailer

HearUSA is part of our group since September 2011. HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related products and services to both third-party and self-referred clients through its hearing care network of more than 4,300 independent providers, and its more than 210 company-owned hearing centers.

audibene: The online hearing care specialist

audibene is the largest provider for independent hearing care case management and hearing aid purchasing. With about 30,000 visitors on their website per day, hearing care providers benefit from audibene’s multi-vendor platform, as it attracts new hearing aid customers into the world of hearing aids and drives incremental business. Together with a network of more than 2,000 independent audiology partners audibene currently serves customers in Germany, the Netherland, Switzerland, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, India and Malaysia.

*Siemens AG sold the group to EQT VI and Santo Holding GmbH **Pro-forma (Pf.) unaudited key figures of Auris Luxembourg II S.A. as if Sivantos Group and its consolidated subsidiaries formerly “Siemens  Audiology Solutions” were included for the full fiscal year 2015. ***Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization. From April 2015 onwards all figures include audibene. COGS, OPEX and Other expenses adjusted for normalization items