Our brands

With Signia, Sivantos starts a new chapter in forward-thinking hearing solutions with expertly engineered devices that are almost invisible, highly automated and adapt to the user’s preferences. Signia stands for hearing innovations that are centered on the patient’s needs and deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction. The Signia product portfolio will provide a comprehensive range of advanced hearing solutions with life-changing technologies that welcome hearing aid wearers to the colors of sound. Because personalized hearing care is what really makes the difference.


Siemens represents cutting-edge technology and innovation. Siemens epitomizes more than a century of experience, German engineering and premium quality. The strong focus on R&D, as well as on audiology, is the basis of many world’s firsts and award-winning technologies. The brand offers an impressive portfolio of hearing aids and complementary accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps and diagnostics workflow solutions.



Audio Service is the value brand for the dispenser next door. It has historically maintained a strong focus on ITE products but also offers all styles of hearing aids. The brand is built on a particularly strong partnership with hearing care professionals to ensure hassle-free day-to-day-business with a focus on individual services and solutions. Audio Service operates in more than 45 countries and was founded more than 35 years ago.


Rexton offers outstanding personalized service to hearing care professionals, and as a result has become their trusted partner. Their portfolio comprises BTE, ITEs, RICs and pocket hearing aids. Rexton’s products are globally available, with a strong focus on North America. It was founded in 1955.


A&M Hearing offers good value BTEs, ITEs and pocket hearing aids. The A&M brand has achieved a profile capable of ensuring that all budget-conscious consumers receive the benefits of enhanced digital technology. With a strong focus on emerging markets, A&M Hearing has about 100 years of experience.


audibene is the global leader in online hearing care. The company harnesses the power of the internet to deliver high-quality hearing care to first-time customers. audibene places the customer at the center of all its activities defining new standards of quality and efficiency in hearing care. Together with a network of around 3,000 independent audiology partners, audibene currently serves customers in Canada, Germany, India, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and USA.

HearUSA is America’s most trusted name in hearing care. For over 25 years, HearUSA is proud to provide personal care and attention by highly qualified, skilled and trained staff. As a result of their commitment, they have earned URAC accreditation and excellent patient satisfaction ratings. HearUSA also provides related products and services through over 210 company-owned centers and more than 4,300 independent providers.