Employees as well as business partners and third parties can contact the Ombudsman confidently and anonymously if they think to have noticed incorrect business practices within Sivantos. The Ombudsman receives the information. The informants can remain anonymous. The Ombudsman is an attorney and is independent of Sivantos with respect to his duties of an Ombudsman. He is bound to secrecy towards everyone, also towards the institutions of Sivantos. The informants may remain anonymous.

The Ombudsman receives any reports about incorrect business practices within Sivantos without any cost incurring for the informant. He will look into the matter, and if there is any suspicion of violations of law, especially of violations of criminal law or of the Business Conduct Guidelines, the reports will be forwarded to Sivantos, so that Sivantos can start investigations as soon as possible. The identity of the informant will not be revealed.

Also Sivantos is not allowed to make inquiries about the informant’s identity, even if the informant is a Sivantos employee.

A law firm, which is experienced in the duties of an Ombudsman, has been entrusted with this function by Sivantos. Below you will find their contact data:

Mr. Matthes Egger
Phone: +49 911 95519425
Fax:     +49 911 95519426

Dr. Beckstein und Kollegen
Rechtsanwälte – Steuerberater
Thumenberger Weg 12
90491 Nürnberg

Operating hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CET)