New look makes orientation easy


21 July 2016

A&M Hearing, part of the Sivantos Group and a supplier of affordable hearing aids that is targeted at emerging markets, presented itself this month in a new look. This can best be seen by the new logo and the updated website.

Clear lines define the new look of the logo and the website. It conveys a sense of order and clarity. The orientation is made extremely easy for the visitor. The logo sub-line “Part of the family” corresponds to the self-image of the brand as well as that of many customers.
The website offers an extensive first look at the product range and of course also includes the latest hearing aid series. Hearing care professionals and the hearing impaired can find information about the offer here. In addition, there is an overview of all international sales organizations for potential customers – of course with the associated contact information. Those who want to get smart about their hearing can find details on the website about how the ear works.
Currently it is only in English, but the website will also be available in other languages in the next step, including Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

The A&M brand can look back on an over one-hundred year history and also allows price-conscious customers to benefit from the advantages of digital technologies.

Are you curious already? Then click around – A&M is looking forward to seeing you.

Do you have questions or comments? If you are an analyst, you will find the corresponding contact information on our “Investors” page. If you are a journalist, you will find the contact information you are looking for on the Press page. If you are a job seeker, please go to Jobs & Career to get in touch with the contact partner specified with the respective job posting. Suppliers will find their relevant contact on the CSR page. Both hearing care professionals as well as the hearing impaired  can find more information about the premium brand Signia on the websites.