Audio Service ranked number 1

11 November 2016

For the second time in a row, the Sivantos Group company Audio Service took first place in overall satisfaction in a recent marketing study by the German Association of the Hearing Aid Industry (BVHI). The study was conducted among 510 German hearing care professionals.

A significant influencing factor is the overall package that Audio Service offers its customers: great products, timely delivery, professional service by the designated staff, and targeted marketing support to the retailer. The latter particularly appeals to hearing care professionals: For the fifth time in a row Audio Service scored the best rating in the marketing and sales support category.

Siemens scored points in the same study, in particular with its fitting software (second place) and its importance as a supplier: in a query regarding collaboration in the last 6 months, the company was deemed to be the most relevant supplier.

The German Association of the Hearing Aid Industry conducts a marketing study like this every year. The study consists of a representative survey of independent hearing care businesses. 510 customers – around 10% of the market – participated in the study in 2016.


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