Audio Service to conquer the UK

8 July 2016

When it comes to what the reasons are for their success, Audio Service can point to three key factors: entrepreneurial spirit, innovative capacity, and its widely known focus on service. This month, the brand is turning yet another page of its history.

First, there was a pilot study with only a few independent customers. But the results were so promising that in June the Audio Service brand was launched in the UK. The brand is positioned to help independent hearing care professionals to differentiate their products against big chain competition.

Audio Service has been developing hearing aids at its Herford site for over 35 years. Since 1988 they have been part of today’s Sivantos Group. Their core area of expertise is in-the-ear hearing aids, but they of course offer a full product range including behind-the-ear, open-ear and RIC hearing aids, ear molds as well as an extensive selection of accessories and the latest instant fit quiX products.

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