Being authentic

17 June 2016

…is essential to Sivantos – right up to the details of our TV Spot. Have you already had the opportunity to watch the latest Signia TV commercial presenting our new premium brand Signia? Its main protagonist is a beautiful woman with long brown hair using hearing aids. She is not just an actress wearing hearing aids for our spot, she really wears hearing aids and knows perfectly well the challenges all the situations shown provide to the hard of hearing.

Her name is Shawnae Jebbia and she is a former beauty queen. While in midst of her busy television career she developed Meniere’s Disease which robbed her of her hearing. Today she lives a normal life – thanks to hearing aids. Sivantos has been cooperating  with Shawnae Jebbia since 2009. Every time we work with her she gains the hearts of her audience with her charm and naturalness and we completely forget that she should have difficulties hearing.

If you don’t know the TV spot yet, watch here:


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