Benefits for more tinnitus patients

27 May 2016

To increase their focus on tinnitus care, HearUSA entered a partnership with Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) to provide broader customized sound therapy and expert clinical care to an even greater number of tinnitus patients.

“Tinnitus is an underserved condition for millions of people, and we are happy to provide resources from TTS as part of the new partnership,” says Paige Brough, Vice President Corporate Communications at HearUSA.

According to HearUSA and TTS, the agreement helps to address a gap in tinnitus care while allowing each organization to build on its respective strengths. Patients benefit from expert tinnitus audiology care through tele-medicine, combined with in-person care and tinnitus hearing aid technologies.

TTS is staffed by tinnitus experts who provide treatment through tele-home care to deliver short- and long-term relief. Tinnitus specialists provide tinnitus education, counseling, and guidance throughout the patient’s habituation process. “This partnership of nationwide expert tele-health tinnitus treatment of TTS and local hearing healthcare of HearUSA provide higher-quality treatment to more patients currently in need of care”, Paige Brough adds.

Tinnitus is a complex condition with multiple potential causes, and involves both neurological and emotional components. Despite the fact that many patients are told “nothing can be done,” there are tools available that can help patients to manage the condition and find relief.

“This partnership of expert tele-audiology and in-person care focuses on bringing relief for millions of tinnitus sufferers,” said TTS clinician Nicole King, AuD. “Tinnitus care through tele-medicine has many advantages for patient treatment and convenience.

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