Bringing a brand called Signia to life

22 April 2016

In early 2015, Sivantos separated from Siemens, and as a result it became a smaller but more dynamic enterprise. In the first year of its existence, Sivantos has experienced its most successful year ever. In early 2016, the company introduced its new premium hearing aid brand ―Signia.

Creating a new brand nowadays is quite a challenge for an international company. How do we find a name that not only sounds good in every language, but also has a positive meaning in all parts of the world? Or find a name that nobody else holds a copyright on? We needed a name that fit the company and its products, and complemented all our other existing brands. Believe it when we say there were quite a few questions we had to answer before introducing Signia!

Fortunately, Sivantos once had a product called Signia. Therefore, from the perspective of copyright, meaning, and sound, the solution has been perfect. The two first letters, Si, even refer to our heritage with Siemens, just like the new company name, Sivantos. So, it’s no wonder Signia quickly became our first choice for the new brand name.

However, the name is only one aspect of a new brand. Even more important is establishing what the brand stands for. As our premium hearing aid brand, Signia combines our tradition of audiological accomplishments with our readiness to meet future challenges. In line with our Siemens heritage, we’ve worked hard to make sure Signia is perceived as rational and technological, but in addition to these important qualities, we would like the public to see Signia as courageous and human, as well.

Of course, we continue to invent the future of better hearing, as our mission states. And we diligently strive to meet our customers’ expectations every single day. We are proud of our audiological achievements and we work hard to make sure that our customers think of us as forward-thinking, customer-centered, and quality-driven. You would make our day if you let us know you do. However, we also hope you will let us know if you ever have a different experience with our products or services, so that we have the chance to further improve. Thank you!

You can find our Signia website for hearing care professionals here. If you are hearing impaired our Signia website can be found here.

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