Cellion is a new era of recharging hearing aids


15 July 2016

Hearing aids should be as easy to use as possible. For many people, this means not having to worry about batteries. This is now especially easy. With Signia Cellion, Sivantos is bringing the first inductively rechargeable hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries to the market. What are the advantages? No matter how you put the hearing aids in the charging station, they are fully charged in four hours and provide up to two days of listening pleasure. If you need them faster, you can charge them for just 30 minutes and then enjoy all the benefits of Signia hearing aids for seven hours. Not to mention, this is also environmentally friendly. Incidentally, Cellion is also customer-friendly in detail: as soon as the hearing aids are in the charging station, they turn themselves off and charge themselves. When they are taken out, they turn themselves on automatically. Using a standard Micro USB interface on the charging station, the hearing aids can be charged with almost any USB-compatible energy source, such as a laptop, car charger, or power packs. This is an innovation unique to Sivantos.

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