Welcome to EUHA 2016

24 October 2016


Visitors and journalists alike flocked to the Signia, Audio Service, Rexton and A&M booths during the three days of the 61st International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Hanover, Germany.

The annual trade show, running from Wednesday to Friday last week, attracts hearing care professionals from all around the world. The latest Signia innovations TeleCare, Cellion and Silk took center stage as Sivantos sales staff met with customers to demonstrate and explain groundbreaking new technologies. There were plenty of hands-on and ears-on opportunities to discover how Sivantos is creating the future of better hearing.

At the “hearing bar”, Sivantos demonstrated the effectiveness of features like SpeechMaster with its noise reduction and narrow directionality features.

This was the first EUHA since the launch of the Signia brand, so there was heightened interest from customers and the media to see how Sivantos is filling their new brand with leading edge content, from the breakthrough TeleCare remote tuning solution to the world’s first lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid, Cellion, and the instant fit CIC hearing aid Silk, to the new miniPocket and TV Transmitter accessories.

In addition to a newly designed booth in friendly yellow, Audio Service scored with its latest product generation G4 in tech levels 8-16 and a new customization and sales concept called Tune. Tune enables hearing care professionals to decide for a tech level themselves and change the tech level of hearing aids even after the fact. And this allows hearing care professionals to keep fewer devices in stock, save time and money, and increase their flexibility. This option is currently available in tech levels 8-16 for all Audio Service devices.

Rexton is celebrating its 60th birthday and presented the TruCore technology as well as a new basic segment with Fit to Go app. A&M is focused on emerging markets. This brand has just acquired a new image, which was presented here together with its new products.

000_AS_Stand     000_rexton_booth

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