Helping to grow into leaders

July 14th, 2017

Here at Sivantos, we value our employees. And we take leadership seriously. In the wake of having become the Sivantos Group and growing into our new identity, we are constantly looking for opportunities to become better. Great leadership is a cornerstone of what has brought our company to where it is today. So we want to keep on developing great leaders that help us continue our success in the hearing aid industry.

With that in mind, our Global Leadership Development team has implemented the first session of the pilot program Leading for Business Results.



The July event hosted a class of 25 participants, representing various global and regional departments: Accounting & Control, Product Engineering, Information Technology, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Quality, Procurement, Logistics, Legal and Human Resources. The two-day leadership program taught different concepts, and participants had the chance to put those into practice through case studies and presentations. Every activity was a measure in showing what an important role leadership takes, and how it differs from person to person.

Through this energized and coaching-style workshop, it is the goal of Sivantos to create better leaders for today, and tomorrow. The Global Leadership Development Team plans to implement this series of programs across markets in 2018.

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