Korean HCPs visited Asian Manufacturing Center

Last month our Asian Manufacturing Center (AMC) received 60 visitors from Korea for a tour of the high-tech facilities in Suzhou, China. Hearing care professionals (HCP) made up most of the group, and the curious onlookers had a chance to learn about how the hearing aids they order are produced, and what technology is involved from order to delivery.

“Customers felt more knowledgeable and closer to their business after visiting the AMC and understanding even better the entire process before an HCP steps in,” shares Maria Park, Marketing Executive Sivantos Korea and AMC guest. The Q&A session with AMC Vice President Miguel Tomas Ivorra assured the tour organizers that the visit was highly appreciated and a great success.

Below, some quotes from HCP visitors:

“I learned a lot by watching the products being manufactured in detail, and in person. This experience will help me when consulting with my customers and promoting the products.”


“I liked sharing this visit with other HCPs. You can be sure that questions you didn’t think to ask, are asked and answered.”


“The visit made me realize that a lot more goes on into the production of such small, yet technically advanced, products. If the chance arises, I would love to join again to absorb more about the production process.”

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