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August 17th, 2016

Signia has been the new premium brand from Sivantos since January 2016. In this short time it has already built quite a substantial social media community. Three examples.

Through Signia’s Facebook account, around 80,000 followers worldwide obtain current information on Signia products and can get to know their functions. Brief posts stimulate interest and invite people to learn more. In this way, Signia not only presents current campaigns, but also offers useful tips for handling hearing aids, information about hearing, and even a short series about the history of different types of hearing aids.

Twitter fans are also kept up to date: With familiar and frequently used hashtags, Signia reaches younger hearing-impaired persons who are still in the world of work, as well as the friends and relatives of older persons seeking support who are not active on Twitter themselves. Currently, the account in the USA alone has about 5,000 followers who are always kept up-to-date with short, concise reports. They are able to benefit from useful tips and take the opportunity to exchange ideas on Signia hearing aids.

Many functions are more easily explained in videos than in writing. The Signia YouTube channel offers around 150 videos, allowing users to select those they find the most interesting or helpful. In many languages, these videos explain about hearing loss and how to handle hearing aids and – of course – present the Signia brand in detail. Playlists for the individual designs (RICs, BTEs, ITEs or accessories) help to orient the customers quickly. These films have already been viewed 40,000 times – about 35% of the hits come from mobile devices.

Do you know someone who would like information on this topic? Or are you interested yourself? These informative channels might be exactly what you are looking for:

-> Facebook
-> Twitter (US channel)
-> Youtube

Do you have questions or comments? If you are an analyst, you will find the corresponding contact information on our “Investors” page. If you are a journalist, you will find the contact information you are looking for on the Press page. If you are a job seeker, please go to Jobs & Career to get in touch with the contact partner specified with the respective job posting. Suppliers will find their relevant contact on the CSR page. Both hearing care professionals as well as people with hearing loss can find more information about the premium brand Signia on the websites.