Simple and clear demonstration

January 27th, 2017

One of Signia’s strengths is the soundDemo Tool Kit, which hearing care professionals can use to show how good Signia hearing aids actually are. No other manufacturer has such extensive possibilities for people to experience the advantages of its devices by means of listening samples.

The Signia soundDemo Tool Kit assists the hearing care professional in the fitting process. It consists of soundDemo videos, the soundDemo Suite and soundDemo hearing aids. All three components accompany the hearing care professional during the entire customer support process, from the phase in which the hearing-impaired person becomes aware of the hearing loss, through the orientation and fitting phase, up to the sale of a hearing aid.

The soundDemo Suite offers a variety of videos with a variety of hearing situations on DVD. Language, music and background noise are set up in a 5.1 Dolby Surround system and enable the hearing care professional to realistically demonstrate the functions. The high-frequency technology used is perfectly coordinated with the video animation and switches the individual functions on and off automatically. People with hearing loss hear this difference in different environments and thus get a realistic impression. The advantage: Thanks to the surround sound, the hard of hearing can more easily imagine situations like being in a restaurant, driving or listening to music and discover what features are important to him in his own hearing aid.

The soundDemo hearing aids can be adjusted to the different price points of the primax hearing aids, so that the hearing-impaired person can test the full potential of a primax device or even try out accessories. Available as RIC and BTE devices, they are equipped with timer switches that can be set for a maximum of six weeks. After the time has elapsed, a signal reminds the wearer to return the hearing aids.

The soundDemo videos can be accessed on the Signia YouTube channel. They show people with hearing problems and how much the hearing aid functions can improve their quality of life – whether they are already hearing aid wearers or not. Ideal for use before and during the consultation, the videos use sound samples, which were recorded directly from the respective hearing aids.


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