Special appreciations

June 24, 2016

After the separation from Siemens, Sivantos only had two months to reorganize all treasury functions. A true challenge. But the efforts were rewarded: With the „Bellin Champions Award for Best Practice“,  the “Treasury Team of the Year” award, and the “Bankers Choice Award” the Sivantos treasury team received (thoroughly happy) three awards within the last six months.


The „Bellin Champions Award for Best Practice“ 

The treasury management system Bellin helps medium-sized companies as Sivantos to ensure the electronic processing of their finance transactions via the SWIFT network. This is most convenient since having access to SWIFT, a company doesn’t need to take care of different bank proceedings. However, the short implementation time really was a challenge: Finding new payment methods, performing bank authorizations, transferring all account statements, ensuring payment of salaries for all affiliates, invoicing – in just two months. In recognition of successfully meeting this challenge, Bellin nominated Sivantos as one of four customers for the “Best Practice” award. Users voted Sivantos as the winner.

“Treasury Team of the Year”

The Asset, which is a large multi-media group in Asia and the Middle East focusing on covering the finance and treasury functions, regularly awards a “Treasury Team of the Year”. Their goal is to report and spread best practices in finance and treasury. They chose Sivantos because the board of editors was especially impressed with the team’s calm approach. Creating an independent treasury function in just two months is impressive.

“The Asian Banker’s Choice Award 2016”

Last, but not least, the Sivantos Treasury team won the “Asian Banker’s Choice Award 2016” for the best cash management project in Asia Pacific. The purpose of this award is to recognize achievements for market share, product and operational excellence in the banking and financial services industry. The Asian Banker presents this award once every three years. Sivantos received it in recognition of the enormous team effort needed to set up an in-house bank with intercompany settlements for all existing affiliates. Sivantos manages all bank accounts from all affiliates centrally, which ensures full transparency over cash and payments.

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