TeleCare proves to be a successful innovation

May 30, 2017

One story of many: German Hearing Care Professional Daniel Braun uses TeleCare to convince new clients and maximize the potential of his business.

Daniel Braun

Daniel Braun

Daniel Braun can now personally welcome most new clients who buy a hearing aid from one of his seven shops in southern Germany. The 32-year-old is able to do so thanks to adopting Signia TeleCare earlier this year. With TeleCare, Sivantos is complementing the regular store visits with a new communication channel. A personal connection that will save time, increase the quality of care and therefore help clients to easier adapt to their new “accessory”. His success thus far: Within 55 days, Mr Braun registered around 100 hearing aid wearers for the industry-leading TeleCare solution via the award-winning myHearing App.

“It’s a great innovation,” he says. “The CareChat function allows me to welcome almost every new customer, which was not possible before because I could not be at several locations at once.” Braun Hörgeräte is going places, with an eighth shop due to open in October. For its owner, TeleCare was an ideal solution to differentiate himself from the competition. Mr. Braun is also enthusiastic about the ability to fine tune hearing aids remotely with a four-band equalizer for precise gain adjustments and real-time readout capabilities.

“Virtually everyone has a mobile phone nowadays,” he explains. “My oldest patient using the myHearing App is 97 years old and uses an iPad. The app is so intuitive to use that I advertise it to all my clients. Expert support that’s simple, quick and personal, I’ve found that patients of all ages really like it.”

“TeleCare is an absolute time-saver that allows us to reach a wider clientele,” he continues. “I introduce each new client, that I am in regular contact with, to TeleCare, and about 60 out of 100 instantly register. CareChat offers a direct connection to the patient allowing me to immediately adjust volume and other settings when needed.”

But there is more: “It’s really easy to integrate into my workflow because I spend a lot of my time in front of the computer,” Mr Braun says. “I see this as the ideal tool for our industry to serve the new generation of hearing aid wearers. It’s part of our all-round customer service.”

He adds: “In the end, TeleCare maximizes our potential. I save time in the long-term by encouraging and helping my clients to install the app and they can send me a message asking me to adjust their hearing aids wherever they are.”

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