Three Facts about Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

3 June 2016

On average, it takes between four and six years¹ before hard-of-hearing people see a hearing care professional.

That is too long. During this time, the brain forgets how to hear. It takes longer then it should take afterwards to get used to hearing again with hearing aids.

It takes from a couple of days until several month to get used to hearing aids.

Hearing with a hearing aid is not as easy as seeing with glasses. The reason: The brain is often no longer used to distinguishing whether noises are important or not. For people with normal hearing, for example, the brain automatically suppresses unimportant ambient noise. Hearing impaired persons who delay going to see a hearing care professional need a comparatively long time to get used to a hearing aid. Everything sounds unfamiliar. The only thing that helps: Acting fast, comparing which hearing aids are the best solution and then wearing the final hearing aid regularly.

Hearing aid wearers should have their hearing aids serviced regularly.

If one has chosen a hearing aid, his/her hearing loss and the hearing aid should be checked regularly: Adjustment, cleaning as well as measuring hearing are free of charge at many hearing care professionals.²

¹ Global EuroTrak Study 2015: here Japan.
² MarkeTrak 9, Study USA 2015.

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