Tinnitus Notch Therapy

February 10, 2017

Tonal tinnitus is described as any pure-tone like whistling, ringing, or humming phantom sounds and affects a staggering number of individuals. The problem is well-known and huge: up to 15.1 percent of adults in the population suffer from tinnitus studies show. Tinnitus treatment with hearing aids has been a priority for the Sivantos Group for a long time. What makes the new Notch Therapy unique?

Unlike traditional sound therapy that typically introduces another noise or sound to the patient, the new Notch Therapy is inaudible and works in the background to relieve the annoyance of tinnitus. This feature enables hearing care professionals to program hearing aids with a filtered “notch” centered at the pitch of the tinnitus, enhancing outside sounds while inhibiting the internal noise. This is available in all Signia hearing aids with primax features.

This results in benefits for both, hearing care professionals and people suffering from tinnitus. With the Notch Therapy, everything the hearing care professional needs for the therapy, is combined in one software – and it is very easy to use. The HCP presents different tones to the patient who says, which one sounds like his own tinnitus. Then the HCP activates the notch for a program. It’s as easy as it sounds.

People with tinnitus would like to have immediate relief. Study results show that with the Notch Therapy, the tinnitus shows signs of improvement after only 3 weeks.* In comparison, the well-known Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) shows an improvement after about six to twelve months.

*Powers, L., dos Santos, G.M., & Jons, C. (2016, September). Notch Therapy: A new approach to tinnitus treatment. AudiologyOnline, Article 18365.

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