World Hearing Day

March 3, 2017

For those with normal hearing, hearing is rarely considered something special. Only those who can no longer hear are aware of how important this sense is. But hearing loss usually sneaks up on you. Since 2007, the “World Hearing Day” has made it its mission to raise awareness for good hearing. Around 550 million people world-wide suffer from hearing loss. But fewer than ten percent of them use hearing aids.

The World Health Organization (WHO) proclaims World Hearing Day every year on March 3. With different promotions on ever-changing focuses, this Friday, experts from around the world will draw attention to the topic of hearing and its relevance in everyday life. In line with this year’s motto “Action for Hearing Loss: Make a Sound Investment,” they will clarify the causes, risks and care options for hearing impairment. At the same time, they will call for more prevention and attention in everyday life. Finally, they will also draw attention to the economic effects of hearing loss (see image)


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