Signia TeleCare: Perfect tool to support the trial phase

March 17th, 2017

Today, we would like to present you with a video showing a hearing care professional at HearUSA explaining how Signia TeleCare supports her. Signia TeleCare works with all Signia hearing aids and is optimized for Signia primax.

In case you have never heard of TeleCare before, here is a short overview:

TeleCare from the hearing care professional’s perspective: professional web portal

This portal provides the hearing care professional with all practical details to make their customers’ trial phase a success. As soon as the hearing care professional logs into the portal s/he can easily and quickly evaluate their customers’ progress with the hearing training, their satisfaction rates as well as who has sent messages or needs support.

The portal also allows the hearing care professional to send adjustment settings via the portal to the patient to try out immediately. All the remotely performed fine-tuning adjustments remain activated until the next fitting appointment when the hearing care professional has the opportunity to permanently approve or reject the changes via the Connexx fitting software according to patients’ feedback.

Since the portal is web-based, it can be accessed via computer, smartphones and tablets.

TeleCare from the hard of hearing’s point of view: myHearing App

The app accompanies first time wearers throughout their trial period and has three main sections: My Hearing Success, My Hearing Aid, and My Hearing Care Professional.

In the “My Hearing Success” section, people with hearing loss can do different types of training which invite them to go into different real-life situations so they can try out their hearing aids in several acoustic environments. After absolving the tasks, the user can rate them. Neutral and negative ratings are forwarded directly to his/her hearing care professional.

Under “My Hearing Aid”, people with hearing loss can remotely control the hearing aids, and search for useful information, e.g. cleaning tips or troubleshooting.

The section “My Hearing Care Professional” enables the hard of hearing to chat directly with his or her hearing care professional via CareChat.

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