Unique position to capture substantial business opportunities

17 December 2017

Sivantos’ technology leadership is guided by four pillars: Audiology, Connectivity, Telecare and Sensors (ACTS). Maintaining this leadership, while optimizing our structure and investments to build the best foundation, has been the key focus of Sivantos’ transformation journey. “Our leading technologies, flexible business models, and geographical footprint put us in a unique position to capture substantial business opportunities in the future”, Group CEO Ignacio Martinez said during the recent investor call to close off Fiscal year (FY) 2016/17.

He highlighted the strong performance of products launched in FY 2016/17: Cellion, the world’s first hearing aid with lithium-ion inductive charging, and Telecare, a new online dashboard for hearing care professionals to assist patients with their hearing aids, remotely. Martinez also provided an overview of the own voice processing ability and how Signia Nx, our latest innovation, not only solves an important customer pain point but also combines the powerful features of Bluetooth and Telecare to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Next, Group CFO Wolfgang Ollig presented figures for the FY showing that Sivantos’ growth was on track with market growth, at around 3.5%. Ollig underlined that Sivantos’ previous year’s product launches catered to small segments in the market, while the Signia Nx launch at EUHA addresses the entire market and has therefore the potential to drive significant growth.

On the cost side, Ollig stressed on the improvement in margin year-on-year, driven by cost optimization initiatives. He also highlighted the investments into R&D (+40% since 2015), IT (+30% since 2015), and audibene, the global leader in the hearing aid industry, providing the most comprehensive care for all hearing needs. Keeping Opex constant and cashflow development strong have also been key highlights of Sivantos’ FY 16/17 – with inventory turnover improving by 18 days.

Both made clear that Sivantos’ key focus for the next year is to drive growth. Signia Nx will be the basis for a new trajectory of growth.

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