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There are plenty of options to develop and invent, be successful, and change the world for the better.

Stefan Menzl, SVP R&D, Sivantos Group
Our anechoic chamber is where we optimize the acoustic performance of our hearing aids.

Why innovation matters

We love to invent. And “we” includes no less than 450 engineers in Erlangen, Germany and Singapore. Designing the best hearing instruments in the world is our mission. We work in interdisciplinary teams to bring back hearing to those who have nearly lost it.

Since becoming an independent company, we have increased investments in R&D continuously every year. Discovering new ways to help people hear better, going where nobody has gone before — that’s what we strive for at Sivantos.

Recreating natural hearing

Being ahead of the game

Rapid technological developments in various engineering fields open new possibilities each day. We leverage worldwide innovation and scientific research, combined with our own ingenuity to make the best hearing instruments in the world. We strive to learn each day, and master and implement new technologies quickly.

We constantly look for new ways to further improve hearing. We aim to be ahead of the game at all times.

Our latest successes include the first rechargeable hearing instrument in the industry and an all new technology to make one’s own voice sound more natural while wearing hearing aids.

Our solution to speech in noise

Our priorities

Building hearing instruments is a complex art. It requires multiple engineering skills, so we establish an interdisciplinary team for each project. With every new product, we improve on a number of aspects and each time we find new ways to make a better device for people who are hard of hearing. As soon as our teams join together, new ideas and approaches are discussed, sometimes even tried out on the spot.

And since we are a curious group of people, we are always looking to answer certain questions to further innovate: How can a hearing aid become a digital health assistant? How can we create products that are both desirable and convenient? How can we make sure that our charging solutions are the best? And how can we emphasize the joy in listening again – the very best way, and from the very beginning?

Working on the best possible sound.

Our latest world’s firsts

Development has long been, and will continue to be, Sivantos’ top priority. We provide world’s first leading innovations in audiology, aesthetics, connectivity, rechargeability, usability, workflow, and more.
Building our own chip, we can do what others can’t.

We have achieved many “world’s firsts”, including the first hearing aid featuring a wireless ear to ear link. Most recently, we have launched the first SLIM-RIC hearwear. We call it Styletto, and it combines high-tech hearing with style. What other world’s firsts will we create? Stay tuned to find out!

Watch these videos to get to know us a bit more.

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