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Stefan Menzl, SVP R&D, Sivantos Group
Our solution to speech in noise

Being ahead of the game

Building hearing instruments is a complex art. It requires multiple engineering skills, so we establish an interdisciplinary team for each project. With every new product, we improve on a number of aspects and each time we find new ways to make a better device for people who are hard of hearing. As soon as our teams join together, new ideas and approaches are discussed, sometimes even tried out on the spot.

And since we are a curious group of people, we are always looking to answer certain questions to further innovate: How can a hearing aid become a digital health assistant? How can we create products that are both desirable and convenient? How can we make sure that our charging solutions are the best? And how can we emphasize the joy in listening again – the very best way, and from the very beginning?

Working on the best possible sound.

Our latest world’s firsts

Development has long been, and will continue to be, Sivantos’ top priority. We provide world’s first leading innovations in audiology, aesthetics, connectivity, rechargeability, usability, workflow, and more.
Building our own chip, we can do what others can’t.

We have achieved many “world’s firsts”, including the first hearing aid featuring a wireless ear to ear link. Most recently, we have launched the first SLIM-RIC HEARWEAR™. We call it Styletto, and it combines high-tech hearing with style. What other world’s firsts will we create? Stay tuned to find out!

Erlangen Colloquium 2019

A high-caliber and inspiring science conference that provides key opinion leaders with a unique opportunity to share knowledge, strengthen networks, and be inspired by the latest research.

The “Erlanger Kolloquium for audiological research and development” takes place every year in February in Erlangen.


At the end of February, Sivantos gathered Europe’s top audiological scientists and developers for the 46th Erlangen Colloquium.


Sivantos Research Audiologist and tinnitus expert Ronny Hannemann (l.) engaged in a conversation with his new colleagues Adam Westerman and Michael Pihl from Widex (f.l.).


Jens-E. Appell (l.) from Fraunhofer-Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie in Oldenburg, together with the host of the event, Sivantos Global Head of Audiology Dirk Junius.


Frank Digeser from the ENT clinic in Erlangen enjoys the coffee break right before his talk on “Bimodal benefit with the usage of DSL v5.0 and NAL-NL2 hearing aid gain prescription”.


Prof. Inga Holube, Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshafen, who has attended the Erlangen Colloquium for many years, asks a question.


After each talk, participants could raise specific questions from their practical experiences. Pictured here, Martin Kinkel from Kind Hörgeräte GmbH.


Winfried Schlee, Regensburg, gave a speech titled “Comparing three established methods for tinnitus pitch matching with respect to reliability, matching duration and subjective satisfaction”.

Making Waves in the Scientific Community

Interested in seeing which exciting events our employees have attended around the world?

Flip through these slides for an inside look at where and how they’ve shared their knowledge and expertise with the global scientific community and public.


Carol A. Meyers, SigniaUSA Clinical Education Manager and Speaker at AAA 2019

(Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., March 28-29, 2019) “This year at AAA, I presented our Styletto Connect, an empowering device with a sleek, bold design that individuals can wear with confidence. It’s the perfect hearing aid for those who want to combine style with natural hearing in all situations. And it offers the convenience of direct streaming and portable rechargeability. Styletto Connect makes life easy!”


From left: Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Markus Reinhardt, Software Architect, and Anastasios Savvopoulos, Software Solutions Architect, Keynote Speakers at Microsoft Azure Data All Hands Meeting

(Redmond, Wa., U.S.A., March 11, 2019) “After collaborating with the Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL engineering team on our novel solution, a digital, cloud-based telecare service for hearing aid users, we were invited to showcase to employees how we successfully utilize their Azure platform in our company.” (Markus) “During our demo, teams across the Data business were able to experience their platform in action and see exactly how we use it to speed up our business, provide even more solutions to the market, and, ultimately, help more people.” (Anastasios)


Benedikt Heuer, Innovation Strategy Manager, Speaker at DIFI FORUM for Innovation Management

(Darmstadt, Germany, February 6, 2019) “My talk focused on managing disruptions and how to change perspectives at a hearing aid manufacturer. I presented a new workshop methodology in which internal and external innovators are challenged to develop completely new strategies by creating a hypothetical nightmare competitor. This goes to show that we, at Sivantos are uniquely open to new methodologies and have an advanced mindset towards different ways of working.”


Homayoun Kamkar-Parsi, PhD, Platform Development Professional at Sivantos, Keynote Speaker, ELOBES2019, Workshop —Optimizing Binaural Hearing for Environment and Listener

(Ghent, Belgium, January 12, 2019) "I presented the advances and challenges of binaural processing in hearing aids, one of the topics we are renowned for within the scientific community— beginning with the design, adapting the algorithm to the environment, and finally, making it practical in real life situations. Our complex and advanced high-end binaural technology and individualization processes set us apart from others. This look behind the scenes of the hearing aid industry seems to have pleased many researchers.”


Dr. Kristin Rohrseitz (l.), Head of Software Requirements Engineering, and Dr. Wolfram Esser, Process Manager at Sivantos, Contributors, MedConf 2018 – Conference for Software and Device Development in Medical Engineering

(Munich, Germany, November 22, 2018) "We presented our recent work on developing software agility, and specifically, adapting the engineering requirements to our agile software process.” (Kristin) “We were able to speed up the process three times and we’ll continue to challenge our development process—this is just one piece of the puzzle.” (Wolfram)

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