A typical fitting, Germany. One in four hearing aids is made by us.

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Our numbers speak for themselves

  • 2015 - 835 €m
  • 2016 - 933 €m
  • 2017 - 967 €m
+15%adj. EBITDA
  • 2015 - 206 €m
  • 2016 - 221 €m
  • 2017 - 238 €m
+17Gross Profit
  • 2015 - 531 €m
  • 2016 - 587 €m
  • 2017 - 621 €m
+50%Free Cash Flow
  • 2015 - 122 €m
  • 2016 - 149 €m
  • 2017 - 183 €m
We are number one in patenting innovations for hearing aids. One of the reasons to keep smiling like these R&D colleagues from Singapore.

Investing in building capabilities

Investing in our future is key to success. Our approach is a threefold one, aimed at building on the foundational capabilities to drive market opportunities whenever they present themselves. First: our Business Model. With Telecare, our remote services, and Sivantos Cloud,we set the basis for our digital business. The acquisition and very successful expansion of audibene is just another example. Last but not least, we have made a very effective brand transition from Siemens to Signia.

Second: operational excellence. We invested in a new European Distribution Center in Poland and established new headquarters in Singapore, comprising a central manufacturing and logistics center. Third: our systems. We have heavily revamped our system infrastructure and are about to develop a new eCommerce platform. But we didn’t stop there… we have also deployed a new commercial reporting system and realized a salesforce platform that is already operational in all key markets.

We invested heavily into Operational Excellence.

Improving agility and efficiencies

Over the last three years, we have significantly optimized our operational footprint and company structure. More specifically, we completed the group structure into the Singapore holding. We consolidated the In-the-Ear manufacturing and modeling from 16 countries to two: Poland and China. The Behind-the-Ear manufacturing and repair was consolidated from 16 countries to one: Singapore.

The restructuring of the European Distribution Center is complete while implementation of our Shared Services department is in progress. Not to forget Operations: our supply chain optimization has led to a significant reduction of inventories and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) harmonization is in progress across all countries.

Optimization meets harmonization all across Sivantos Group, here in the US.

Evolving with the Market

APAC (Asia Pacific) is expected to show the highest growth rate in the hearing aids market. In this respect it is very promising that Sivantos is consistently ranked number 1 or 2, by revenue, in Asia. We’ll seize the opportunities that accompany the growing aging population, the increasing trend of mild to moderate hearing loss in younger people, the rising awareness toward hearing health, generally growing incomes, and the rising government funding to improve healthcare infrastructure and services.

Our fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

The main industry events we attend during the year include AudiologyNOW! (scheduled March 27–30, 2019 in Columbus, OH) and the EUHA (scheduled October 17 – 19, 2018 in Hanover, Germany).

We have built a strong financial reporting system, creating transparency and enabling fast decision making as basis for a performing entrepreneurial culture.

Wolfgang Ollig, CFO Sivantos Group
Our sales reps attentively listen to their customers, in all 120 countries that we serve.

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