Like these coworkers from the HR department in Singapore, we are constantly looking for the next generation of bright and enthusiastic minds to join our team.

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Nicolai Jensen, SVP HR Sivantos Group
Two of our HR Coworkers in Erlangen, Germany, working together to help build tomorrow's Sivantos team.

At the heart of what we do: innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our group DNA. That’s why it comes to us as no surprise that our engineers are among the best in the industry. And we have a long legacy of industry breakthroughs to prove it.

Our developers deliver a vastly improved hearing experience for all hearing aid wearers. We put audiology first to provide superior hearing with uncompromised sound quality.

Innovation is key: in development, in operations, in IT..., Singapore.

Growth perspectives

Sivantos operates in a highly attractive market with plenty of opportunities for growth: an overall aging population, rising noise pollution from daily life, increasing social acceptance thanks to further improved technology, to only name a few.

Plus, only around 10% of people who suffer from disabling hearing loss (hearing loss greater than 40dB in the better hearing ear in adults) wear hearing aids. Sivantos focuses on driving growth to become the global market leader in the hearing aid market.

Hearing aids need and demand

  • 11.84% 50m people with disabling hearing loss have hearing aids*
  • 47.36% 466m people who suffer from disabling hearing loss*
  • *Disabling hearing loss refers to hearing loss greater than 40 decibels (dB).
    Global production of hearing aids meets less than 10% of global need. (WHO)
Improving people's lives starts with business excellence, Singapore.

The power of improving lives

Hearing well enables people to fully take part in life. At Sivantos, we are driven by the power to significantly improve the lives of the hard of hearing.

Could this also be important to you? Then you, too, should be a part of our organization and work towards bringing back the magic of hearing.

Driving business results at all levels, coworkers in Singapore.

Our diversity

Diversity is just as crucial to building an effective business as it is to building a positive culture because colleagues of diverse backgrounds are more successful in a global environment. At Sivantos, we welcome diversity with 56 nationalities making up our workforce.

Our subsidiaries are well spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. These are only some examples of how we are successfully developing innovative solutions to improve lives.

Our R&D engineers improve and test, improve and test again, like here in Germany.

Our culture

Culture and good values define who we are as a company. There is an ongoing commitment to improve the customer journey and ensure our product strategy is well defined.


Sivantos comes from a proud heritage from Siemens. Our company has foundational values which drive a sense of community that encourages growth, learning, and teamwork.