A typical fitting, Germany. One in four hearing aids is made by us.

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Current Ratings (as of March 2019)

Issuers S&P Moody's
Auris Luxembourg II SA (Corporate Family / Issuer) B+ Stable B2 negative
Auris Luxembourg III SA (Issuer) B2 negative
Issued instruments: S&P Moody´s
Term Loan B1 Senior Secured (2026) EUR 1,895m, 3-month E+400 with 0% floor B+ B2
Term Loan B2 Senior Secured (2026) USD 1,160m, 1-month L+375 with 0% floor B+ B2
Term Second Lien Secured (2027) EUR 525m, 3-month E+675 with 0% floor, NC1, 102,101,par call feature B- Unrated
RCF EUR 17 m drawn