We live up to our commitment to operate in a responsible way as these coworkers in Singapore do.

How to increase sustainability?

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SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production

As an UN Global Compact signatory, efforts and policies to reduce our global consumption are included in our code of conduct and are constantly under review. This applies to environmental decisions made not only for new buildings or production, but also in the recycling of our products and in alignment with new policies, such as the European Union’s WEEE Directive. But of course, we consider more facets of sustainability.

Sivantos Group has a long tradition of developing energy efficient hearing aids. Very often, having the industry’s lowest battery consumption is yet another reason why Sivantos hearing aids are the smarter choice. Users save time and money when changing fewer batteries, while also doing our environment a favor. Additionally, three out of our four premium segment sales are already rechargeable.

Customer Service Erlangen
Sivantos Germany Customer Service team is taking action to reduce the production of unnecessary waste.

Lessening Our Environmental Impact

(January 2019, DE) Our Signia Customer Service team in Germany recently found a way to drastically lower its environmental impact. As of January 2019, all internal order entry processes have been digitalized, beginning with audiologists completing the recording online. This saves paper and toner and reduces unnecessary waste.

The results are outstanding! In Germany alone, we save around 250,000 pages of paper per year, in addition to the hardware that would otherwise gradually wear off and eventually need replacement. We are proud to be taking steps to combat climate change and lower our carbon footprint.

All our core production sites are EHS certified. Here a colleague in Poland, finishing a hearing aid shell.

Another Milestone: Passing External Audits

(September 2018, Global) Have you ever heard about EH&S? In simple terms, “Environment, Health and Safety” is what organizations do to make sure that its surrounding environment and people are not harmed by its activities. Since this is important to all of us, we certainly abide by the global norms and regulations to fulfill our duty as a responsible company. And yes, you guessed right: The Sivantos Quality Management System (QMS) team passed the external audits for a certified EH&S system for their locations in Singapore and Suzhou, China. The best part? The audit resulted in an outstanding zero on non-conformities, the best result one can get.


We are very proud of this outcome because we had to set up a new and lean quality management system that is compliant with the international standards of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001, as well as regulatory requirements – within eight months! Not to forget that at the same time, we developed our own new EH&S Policy, conducted training with all employees, and implemented the new processes and documents.

Since September 2018, our location in Poznan is certified as well, giving us a total of three production sites to be EH&S certified.

Recently, FDA inspection were successfully completed in our offices in Singapore, Germany and the US.

Successfully Passing Manufacturers’ Inspections

(2018, Global) Sivantos’ sites in Germany, the US and Singapore have all successfully passed the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) inspection in 2018. To make sure that medical devices are safe in every aspect, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regularly inspects manufacturers of those devices, and thus they do with hearing aid manufacturers.  Cross-functional colleagues from different departments in Germany, Singapore, USA, China and Poland have been working together to achieve these impressive results.

Jan Knittel, Head of Quality Systems at Sivantos, says: “This time, documents dating from 2016 were reviewed by the FDA inspector and the team provided approximately 5,000 pages of records, evidence and procedures.”

The main result? We were told that our Quality Management System is in a very good shape. Since the quality system is of course a strategic key piece of our business landscape, we are more than happy about the outcome.

Styletto combines style, portable rechargeability and high-tech hearing. It’s also the first hearing aid in line with our latest Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint with Style

(August 2018, Global) In August 2018, Sivantos unveiled its most stylish hearing solution to date: Styletto. A consumer study shows that 8 out of 10 people prefer the Styletto design over conventional hearing aids. However, it not only combines a new level of style, high tech and rechargeability. It’s also the first product officially in line with our Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy.

Styletto is manufactured in factories certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. The eCharger and Li-Ion Batteries reduce the carbon footprint. The concept of repair and reuse saves natural resources and reduces energy consumption. And finally: The product disposal is done through approved and certified e-waste collectors.

To further minimize our CO2 footprint, our marketing materials are usually printed on-site to reduce long-distance shipments.

Saving Paper

(2018-19, Global) Sivantos Group markets their products through approximately 30 subsidiaries and through international sales departments in another 90 countries worldwide.

Corporate Marketing, based in Erlangen, Germany, develops templates for all the marketing material used worldwide. Because of this, they attach special significance to the need to appropriately observe all essential environmental aspects.

What does that mean in practice?

Using the application one2edit, we provide print files worldwide in a web-based solution.


These files are available in the corporate language of English and serve as the basis for any necessary translations. Because printing is generally done directly on-site, this eliminates the need to ship printed material over long distances. Nevertheless, should it be necessary to generate marketing material at a central location, shipping and storage is minimized to our distribution centers. We also support environmental efforts by using FSC certified paper.

For the 2018/19 fiscal year, we are going a step farther: our strategy will be to reduce the amount of printed material as much as possible with the stipulation to transition from print into digital form wherever feasible.

Supporting people with disabilities while doing something good for the environment – Sivantos Germany donates second-hand IT equipment for a good cause. Five IT coworkers in the room where they collect the devices and showing some of them.

Supporting Jobs while Recycling

(January 2018, DE) Sivantos  regularly donates unused IT equipment to the non-profit group “Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung” (AfB) [English: Work Employment for Disabled]. This organization provides people with disabilities jobs such as refurbishing, selling, or disposing of certain devices and equipment.

With our donations, we not only helped sponsor the work for people with disabilities, but we were also able to save 8,465 kg of iron equivalents, 15,190 kWh of energy, and 4,570 kg of CO2 equivalents.

Step by step our impact is growing.

Plastic Cups_3840x1280px
Our office in Brazil handed out glass bottles and reusable mugs so that employees no longer have to purchase plastic bottles or cups.

Every Small Step Counts

(December 2017, BR) The United Nations states that approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste are produced every year and adversely affect our environment. Since every step counts to take action against this urgent problem, Sivantos Brazil has launched its ECO POINT campaign to raise awareness for the usage of plastics among its employees.


As plastic cups are non- biodegradable and mostly designed for single use, they are a main contributor to land and water pollution. Therefore, our office in Brazil handed out free glass bottles and reusable cups so that employees won’t have to purchase plastic bottles and – cups anymore.